Freshness "Kobe beef salt burger"

"Kobe beef salt burger" using brand Japanese beef "Kobe beef" will be released as a freshness burger. 100% Kobe beef patty, salt butter using specially selected carpis butter, and special buns are used.

Kobe beef salt burger

"Kobe beef salt burger", a hamburger using branded Wagyu beef, is now available as a freshness burger. With Kobe beef as the leading role, we have realized 100% Kobe beef patties without any vegetables.

Freshness "Kobe beef salt burger"

The crispy and fluffy baked special buns and melting salt butter complement the responsive patty as if you were eating steak. The buns are developed to fit 100% Kobe beef patties. For salt butter, "Special Calpis Butter" with moderate saltiness and richness is used luxuriously. The clear and creamy taste enhances the taste of Kobe beef. A product that allows you to enjoy the simple yet profound trinity harmony of patties, buns, and butter.

The price of "Kobe beef salt burger" is 1,380 yen (tax included). From December 14th, it will be sold all day at Freshness Burger stores nationwide (excluding stadium stores and jungle cafe stores). Limited quantity, it will end as soon as it runs out.