Fujiya "Wine Chocolat (Koshu Fuefuki demi sec)"

Winter limited chocolate "Wine Chocolat (Koshu Fuefuki demi sec)" will be released by Fujiya. You can enjoy cream made with Koshu wine. It will be available nationwide from December 7th. Open price.

Wine chocolate (Koshu Fuefuki demi sec)

Fujiya "Wine Chocolat (Koshu Fuefuki demi sec)"

With 2.7% alcohol, you can enjoy a tipsy feeling, and it is said to be a Western liquor chocolate for adults that is perfect for relaxing at home. The cream, which has the flavor of grapes grown in Yamanashi prefecture, is wrapped in sweet chocolate with a low sweetness.

Yamanashi made from "Koshu", which was registered for the first time as a grape variety for brewing unique to Japan by OIV (International Organization of Vine and Wine, Office International de la vigne et du vin), which is a comprehensive international research institute for wine making. Prefectural Koshu wine "Koshu Fuefuki demi sec" is used.

The feature is that you can enjoy the rich aroma and umami. In addition, it is an individually wrapped package that you can enjoy as much as you want, when you want. Since it contains Western liquor, it is careful not to eat it for children, people who are vulnerable to alcohol, pregnant women, lactating people, driving, etc.