CHOYA "CHOYA Bonbon Chocolat 2023".
CHOYA Bonbon Chocolat 2023



Chocolat 2023 The "CHOYA" brand will introduce "CHOYA Bonbon Chocolat 2023," a chocolate for Valentine's Day made from Nanko-ume (plum) sake matured in Kishu, Japan. It will be sold in limited quantities at department stores and mass merchandisers, and will end as soon as it is sold out.

Four flavors are available: "Aged Umeshu (plum wine) x Ganache," "Fully Ripe Ume (plum) x Jourette," "Aged Umeshu (plum wine) x Praline," and "Aged Umeshu (plum wine) x Umeshu Ume (plum wine)," with the "YAMABUKI -(ganache, jelly, plum wine plum)" and "KINARI-Kinari (ganache, jelly, praline)" will be available as an assortment.

Aged Umeshu x


"Aged Umeshu x Ganache" is a bonbon chocolate bonbon of aged ume liquor ganache wrapped in cocoa-flavored couverture chocolate. The ganache contains approximately 40% concentrated Nanko-Umeshu (plum wine) in order to create a plum wine flavor that is as strong as the cocoa aroma. You can enjoy the firm acidity and deep flavor of the matured plum wine and the lingering aftertaste created by the secret ingredient brandy.

Choya "Aged plum wine x ganache
Aged plum wine & ganache

Ripe Ume x


"Ripe Ume x Jure" is a two-layered bonbon chocolate with agar jelly filled with ripe plum puree and aged plum wine ganache. The combination of the gorgeous aroma and refreshing sourness of the ripe Nanko plums from Kishu and the flavor of the aged plum wine ganache is unique to Choya. You can enjoy the various fruity sensations created by the two layers of plum ingredients and the milk chocolate that melts in your mouth.

Choya "Fully Ripe Ume Plum x Joule
Ripe ume plum x julienne

Aged Umeshu &


"Aged Umeshu & Praline" is a two-layer bonbon chocolate with a rich aged plum wine ganache and a savory praline. A special praline made with roasted hazelnuts and almonds is used in abundance. The praline layered over the smooth aged plum wine ganache is accented with the texture of nuts.

Choya "Aged Umeshu x Praline
Aged plum wine & praline



and Umeshu Umeshu "Aged Umeshu and Umeshu Umeshu" is a new flavor for 2023. Aged plum wine and plum wine plum can be tasted at once in this bonbon chocolat. Umeshu Ume," which is aged with plum wine, is made into two types: a smooth paste and a coarsely ground paste that retains its texture. This bonbon chocolate for plum wine lovers makes the most of the characteristics of plum wine.

Choya "Aged Umeshu x Umeshu Umeshu
Aged plum wine x plum wine plum

YAMABUKI-YAMABUKI (ganache, julée,

plum wine plum) "CHOYA Bonbon Chocolat 2023 YAMABUKI-YAMABUKI (ganache, julée, plum wine plum)" comes in a box of 6 pieces. 6 pieces per box. The contents are as follows

Aged plum wine x 2 grains of ganache
・ Ripe plum wine x 2 grains of jellait
・ Aged plum wine x 2 grains of plum wine

Comes with a handbag. Price 2,900 yen (tax included, same as below).

Choya "YAMABUKI-YAMABUKI (ganache, jelly, plum wine plum)
YAMABUKI - YAMABUKI - (ganache, jellies, plum wine plum)

CHOYA Bonbon Chocolat 2023 KINARI (ganache, jelly

, pr

aline) also comes in a box of 6 chocolates. The contents are as follows

Aged plum wine x 2 ganache
・ Ripe plum wine x 2 jellies
・ Aged plum wine x 2 pralines

Comes with a handbag. The estimated price is 2,900 yen.

Choya "KINARI-KINARI (ganaches, jellies, pralines)
KINARI (ganache, jelly, praline)

Both are available for pre-order at the official online store "Choyaan". The Takashimaya online store will be open until February 9, 2023, and the Kintetsu Department Store online store will also be open until February 7, 2023.

In-store sales will take place at the Abeno Harukas Kintetsu Main Store from January 18 to February 14, 2023, at the Kintetsu Department Store Uehonmachi from January 18 to February 14, 2023, and at the Ito-Yokado Ario Yao Store, Ito-Yokado Ario Ueda Store, and Sweets PATIO from February 1 to 14, 2023. The event will take place