Fujiya "Koshu Fuefuki demi sec
Koshu Fuefuki demi sec

Koshu Fuefuki demi


A new winter-only chocolate "Koshu Fuefuki demi sec" made with Koshu wine from Fujiya will be available nationwide from December 6, 2012. Open price.


winter, a chocolate made with Koshu wine is also

available. This brand name wine produced in Fuefuki City, Yamanashi Prefecture, is made from the Koshu grape variety, which was registered for the first time in Japan in 2010 as a variety for brewing with the Office International de la vignet du vin (O.I.V.), a Japanese government bond research organization for grape cultivation, grape varieties, and wine production. Koshu Fuefuki demi sec" is used.

Fuefuki-shi has an inland climate with little rainfall and is located on a well-drained fan-shaped site. The temperature difference between day and night during the grape harvest season is very large, making it an ideal environment for growing grapes.

The Koshu wine produced in Koshu is filled with a smooth ganache cream and covered with sweet chocolate. The alcohol content is 1.2%. The product is individually wrapped so that you can enjoy it whenever you like and as much as you like. The total content is 52g (1.83oz).