Antenor "Chocolat gateau assortment


Gateau Assorto" from Antenor Chocolat Gateau Assorto, an assortment of four types of sweets, has been on sale since October 1, 2012. Available at stores nationwide and at the official online store.

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Chocolat Gate

au Assortment
Antenor "Chocolat gateau assortment

Chocolat Marrone" 3 pieces of chocolate dough with marron glace soaked in brandy with vanilla and wrapped in Belgian chocolate, "Chocolat Amand" 6 pieces of crispy and savory chocolate cookies with almonds, "Raisin Sandwich" and "Financier" 3 pieces each. The seasonal product includes three of each of the company's signature baked sweets, raisin sandwiches and financiers. The price is 3,240 yen (tax included) for 15 pieces.

Chocolat Marrone

Antenor "Chocolat Marrone"

Marron glace made from Italian chestnuts soaked in brandy with vanilla and baked in a rich chocolate batter with fermented butter. The mellow cake batter is then covered with Belgian couverture chocolate to create a rich chocolate cake with chocolate and marrons. The mature taste with a hint of liquor makes this cake a perfect accompaniment to coffee, tea, wine, or liquor.

Chocolat Amandes

Antenor "Chocolat Amand".

The taste is created by the golden balance of cookies topped with small and large crushed savory almonds and mild tasting Belgian couverture chocolate. Once you taste it, you will be captivated by its deliciousness.

Raisin Sandwich

Antenor "Raisin Sandwich"

The Raisin Sandwich is a long-selling baked good that has been loved for over 25 years.


Antenor "Financier".

The richness of Hokkaido fermented butter is combined with the fragrance and milkiness of the butter to create this financier. You can enjoy the fluffy, moist texture surrounded by the aroma of almonds and butter.

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