Flower Cafe gmgm "Flower Cassata"

"Flower Cassata" inspired by traditional sweets from Sicily, Italy will be on sale from November 19th at Koenji Flower Cafe gmgm. The price is 700 yen (tax included, same below).

Flower cassata

A luxurious cassata made by mixing dried fruits mixed with rum and several kinds of roasted nuts into an ice cake. In addition to the sweetness of rich cream cheese and dried fruits, the crunchy nuts are also enjoyable, making it a sweet that you will want to eat in winter. Edible flowers for decoration. Along with the dried flowers in the store, it is a dish that you can taste the flowers both tastefully and visually.

Flower Cafe gmgm "Flower Cassata"

Cassata, a flower that is fun to decorate

"Cassata, a flower that is fun to decorate" that you can decorate yourself is also on sale only by mail order. Reservations will start at the online shop. A set of edible flowers for decoration and undecorated cassata. Reservations made by December 7th can be delivered on the specified dates including Christmas. Two types of cakes, whole size and half cake, which is a hot topic now. The price is 5,900 yen for No. 5 and 3,300 yen for half cake.

Flower Cafe gmgm "Cassata of flowers that are fun to decorate"