Fujiya "Look (smooth pistachio)"

Fujiya will release "Look (Smooth Pistachio)" on November 30th. Scheduled to be handled at supermarkets and convenience stores. The content is 43g (1.52oz) (including individual paper), and the estimated price is 216 yen (tax included).

Look (smooth pistachio)

From Fujiya's long-selling brand "Look", a trendy limited-time product that allows you to enjoy the flavor of pistachio is now available. We are particular about the packaging, and it has a fashionable design with a mature atmosphere based on the pistachio color.

Milk chocolate that melts in the mouth and wraps soft and soft pistachio cream. The amount of pistachio has been increased so that you can enjoy the flavor of pistachio that spreads in your mouth. * Compared with the "Heart Reward Look (Pistachio)" released in January 2021.

Fujiya "Look (smooth pistachio)"

"Look (smooth pistachio)" that you can easily enjoy the combination of pistachio and chocolate that go well with each other. It's the perfect snack when you're hungry or want to change your mood with sweets.