Fujiya "43g Look (Crunchy Pistachio)

Check out all the new chocolates! Chiroruco Chocolate [Hattendo Creamy Bun Custard], Mochi Truffle Tiramisu Flavor, Pink Black Thunder, 43g (1.52oz) Look (Crunchy Pistachio), and Cranky [Gorokoro Luxury Nuts]. Click on each product name to go to the detailed article page.

Tyrol Chocolate "Hattendo Creamy Bun Custard

Chirorucoco will release " Chirorucoco [ Hattendo Creamy Bun Custard]". These chocolates are a reproduction of Hattendo's popular "Creamy Bun Custard" flavor, which is eaten cold.

Chirorucoco "Chirorucoco [Hattendo Creamy Bun Custard]".

Mochi Truffle Tiramisu Flavor

Bourbon is introducing " Mochi Truffle Tiramisu Flavor," a combination of cheese-flavored ganache and glutinous rice cake. The ganache, which is white chocolate with cheese paste and cream kneaded into it with a hint of Western liquor, is wrapped in coffee-flavored mochi, giving the confectionery a soft texture.

Bourbon "Mochi Truffle Tiramisu Flavor

Pink Black Thunder

Pink Black Th under" from Yuraku Seika's Black Thunder series is now on sale. Sold at souvenir stores in the Hokkaido area.

Yuraku Seika's Black Thunder series "Pink Black Thunder

43g (1.52oz) Look (Crunchy Pistachio)

Fujiya will sell 43g (1.52oz) Look (Crunchy Pistachio ). This chocolate has a smooth cream with crushed pistachios and a crunchy texture.

Fujiya "43g Look (Crunchy Pistachio)

Cranky [Gorokoro Luxury Nuts]

Lotte's Choco Cranky series will release " Cranky [Gorokoro Luxury Nuts]". CRANKY" has also been renewed with more original puffs and thicker chocolate.

LOTTE "CRANKY [Luxury Nuts