Meiji "Pistachio Chocolate

Check out all the new chocolates! Look (Night Temptation Pfair La Mode), Pistachio Chocolate, 46g (1.62oz) MCT Style [Baked Chocolate], Tyrol's Easter Box, and Matcha Thunder. Click on each product name link to jump to the detailed product page.

LOOK (Night Temptation Pfair La Mode)

Look (Night Temptation Parfait La Mode )" is a new flavor from Fujiya's "Look" brand of chocolate. The chocolates are filled with the image of four types of parfait: strawberry parfait, banana parfait, green tea parfait, and chocolate parfait.

Fujiya "Look (Night Temptation Paffea La Mode)

Pistachio Chocolate

Meiji is releasing a new product called "Pistachio Chocolate," which contains whole pistachios wrapped in chocolate. California-grown pistachios are used.

Meiji "Pistachio Chocolate

46g (1.62oz) MCT Style [Baked Chocolate

Morinaga Seika will release 46g (1.62oz) MCT Style [Baked Chocolate]. It is a baked chocolate with a crunchy exterior and smooth interior.

Morinaga Seika "46g MCT Style [Baked Chocolate

Tyrol's Easter Box

Tyrol Choco will release an Easter limited edition " Tyrol's Easter Box ". This assortment includes Rice (released in 1995), Honey Apple (released in 2002), and Strawberry Milk (released in 2002).

Easter Limited "Tyrol's Easter Box".

Matcha no Thunder

From Ariraku Seika's Black Thunder series of chocolate confections, " Matcha no Thunder " will be released, featuring the authentic taste of matcha and the unique crunchy texture of the Black Thunder series.

Ariraku Seika "Matcha Thunder