Aokiya "Chocolate Daifuku Dorayaki"

"Chocolate Daifuku Dora" will be released from Aokiya on November 12th. The price is 300 yen (tax included) per piece. Limited quantity until mid-March 2022.

Chocolate Daifuku Dorayaki

"Chocolate Daifuku Dora" is made by wrapping Belgian chocolate ganache with fertilizer and sandwiching it with chocolate-flavored dorayaki. Raw chocolate is finished by mixing 33% cacao and 55% couverture. Each item is individually wrapped and can be stored at room temperature, so it can be used in any situation.

"I want to make raw chocolate into dorayaki!" With that in mind, "Chocolate Daifuku Dora" was created in 2019. It is a popular product that is celebrating its third year of release this year. "If you just put the raw chocolate in it, it will stick out of the dorayaki skin. But the chocolate that doesn't melt is not the raw chocolate!" So why not wrap the raw chocolate in Daifuku? "Chocolate Daifuku Dora" was born from this idea. Enjoy the winter-only taste.

The stores that handle it are as follows.

[Direct management]
Fuchu Keyakinamiki Dori Store, MINANO Branch Kawahara Store, Musashinodai Store, Koganei Store, Nishi Chofu Store, Chofu Shibasaki Store, National University Street Store, Mitaka Nozaki Store, Inagi Naganuma Store, Mejirodai Store, Kokubunji Benten Dori Store, Local Mori factory store

[Franchise store]
Tama New Town Suwa store