Domino's Pizza "World 9 Cheese Quattro"

From Domino's Pizza, the limited edition "World 9 Cheese Quattro", where you can enjoy 9 cheeses carefully selected from around the world, will be on sale from November 1st. The price is M 3,000 yen for delivery, 3,599 yen for R, and 4,200 yen for L. Takeaway is M 1,500 yen, R 1,799 yen, L 2,100 yen. Both include tax.

World 9 Cheese Quattro

"World 9 Cheese Quattro" uses Japanese favorite cheese carefully selected from cheeses from all over the world. There are nine types: Oaks Smoke Cheddar from England, Egmont and Palmesan from New Zealand, Gouda and Cheddar from Australia, Classic Italian Bocconcini and rich Parmigiano Reggiano, Creamy Hokkaido Camambale, and Mozzarella from the United States.

Domino's Pizza "World 9 Cheese Quattro"

In order to fully enjoy these cheeses, four international flavored quattro pizzas using ingredients that go well with cheese are born. "British premium cheddar cheeseburger style", "New Zealand Egmont cheese meat pie style", "Italian Parmigiano Reggiano & Pancetta", "Hokkaido Camembert & smoked salmon" will be prepared. By making popular arrangements such as "cheeseburger" and "meat pie", each pizza is a pizza where you can enjoy premium cheese to the fullest.

Italian Parmigiano Reggiano & Pancetta

Domino's Pizza "Italian Parmigiano Reggiano & Pancetta"

Parmigiano Reggiano is called the "King of Cheese" and is an excellent seasoning that enhances the taste of all ingredients. By combining a number of ingredients such as pancetta, tomato, and basil sauce, which are popular Italian ingredients, it is finished in a dish that makes you imagine Italy. You can enjoy the deliciousness of traditional Italian pizza.

British premium cheddar cheeseburger style

Domino's Pizza "British Premium Cheddar Cheeseburger Style"

A special oak smoked cheddar smoked with traditional British cheddar cheese goes very well with 100% beef patties. Combined with smoky bacon and pickles, the taste and texture of the classic cheeseburger is reproduced in the form of a completely new pizza.

New Zealand Egmont cheese meat pie style

Domino's Pizza "New Zealand Egmont Cheese Meat Pie Style"

Egmont cheese has a sweet, nutty flavor and is said to match the taste of Japanese people. To enhance the deliciousness of this cheese, it is made into a pizza with the image of "meat pie", which is widely popular at home as a national dish of New Zealand. The newly developed Bolognese sauce is combined with Egmont cheese and potatoes in a grid pattern to express the puff pastry.

Hokkaido Camembert & Smoked Salmon

Domino's Pizza "Camembert & Smoked Salmon from Hokkaido"

Camembert cheese is called the "Queen of Cheese". The combination of the milky taste of Camembert cheese made from raw milk from Hokkaido and the smoky and firm taste of smoked salmon is the royal road. By adding crispy asparagus, the taste of the earth in Hokkaido is expressed.