Tasting Domino's Pizza "Tsukimi Quattro" moon viewing pizza

Domino's Pizza Tsukimi Pizza Tsukimi Quattro Delivery Pizza Limited quantity Autumn 2023

I actually tried Tsukimi Quattro, a moon-viewing pizza available in limited quantities from Domino's Pizza! The sales period is from September 11 to October 1. The limited quantities will end as soon as they are gone.

Prices for delivery are S size: from 3,390 yen, M size: from 3,989 yen, L size: from 4,640 yen. Half-price to-go: S size: from 1,695 yen, M size: from 1,994 yen, L size: 2,320 yen.



The "Tsukimi Quattro," which was very popular two years ago, is back! The "Tsukimi Quattro" is a perfect dish for tsukimi, featuring a soft and fluffy egg and a perfectly round egg. The "Tsukimi Quattro" is made with perfectly round and fluffy eggs and four unique sauces that go perfectly with the eggs, allowing you to enjoy a variety of flavors.

Creamy Egg & Bacon

This creamy pizza is made with a generous amount of Hokkaido white sauce and egg spread, and is accented with smoky smoked bacon and coarsely ground sausage.

Domino's Pizza "Tsukimi Quattro

The melt-in-your-mouth eggs and salty bacon add to the overall creamy flavor of the pizza! The overall taste is very creamy and delicious, and is sure to be a hit with the kids. The richness of the egg that lingers in the aftertaste is a must!

Teri-chiki Tamago

Juicy teriyaki chicken with a rich Camembert cheese sauce. The combination with mayo sauce is said to be a perfect match.

Teriyaki Chicken Sweet and spicy richness. The dark seasoning and subtle savory taste whets the appetite. It goes well with the chunky dough! The mild mayo brings the whole flavor together.

Domino's Pizza "Tsukimi Quattro

Creamy Egg Genovese

This colorful pizza is filled with basil sauce and egg spread, and the aroma of Italian sausage and basil sauce is said to fill your mouth.

The basil flavor is amazing! The fresh flavor of the basil sauce and egg spread spreads softly and smoothly. The salty and savory flavor of the Italian sausage adds depth to the taste. I might want to try it with alcohol!

Domino's Pizza "Tsukimi Quattro

Creamy Egg & 4 Kinds of Mushrooms

This pizza is made with a rich autumn aromatic mushroom mix and egg spread, and is inspired by omelette rice, combining demi-glace and eggs.

The crunchy and textured mushrooms are irresistible! The demi-glace combined with the egg makes it look like an omelette even though it is a pizza! The rich flavor and sourness of the demi-glace is addictive and delicious.

Domino's Pizza "Tsukimi Quattro

Pizza is the best accompaniment for moon viewing! Domino's Pizza's moon viewing pizza "Tsukimi Quattro" is available in four different flavors. The author recommends the "Creamy Egg & Bacon" which is easy to eat for both adults and children. How about it for dinner?