"Mushroom range Tsukudani" recipe

Here are three "regular vegetable recipes" that the En-eating editorial department actually made and were delicious. "Momi green soboro" and "mushroom range tsukudani". * Click each recipe name link to jump to the detailed recipe article page.

Mushroom range Tsukudani

Introducing the "Mushroom Range Tsukudani " recipe that can be easily made in the microwave. It will be completed in less than 10 minutes even if you include the preparation time. It is recommended to eat it with tofu or soba as well as with rice!

"Mushroom range Tsukudani" recipe

Fir vegetable soboro

A simple regular dish using fir vegetables (radish leaves)! Introducing the recipe for " Fir green soboro regular vegetables ". The crispy texture and the savory taste go well together! Fir vegetables are reasonably priced, so they are also recommended as a recipe for saving money before payday.

Recipe for "Fir green soboro regular vegetables"

Taste lotus root

No need to boil for a long time! Introducing a simple recipe for " taste lotus root" that makes the taste stain just by leaving it alone. The actual cooking time is about 10 minutes because the baked lotus root is simply soaked in the sauce and left to stand.

Simple recipe for "taste lotus root"