Miju "Demon Slayer Kotabe"

From October 16th, the newly designed mini-raw Yatsuhashi "Demon Slayer Kotabe" will be on sale from Miju, who develops Kyoto's famous confectionery "Raw Yatsuhashi Otabe with red bean paste" and "Kyo-Baum". A limited package (9 types in total) designed by 9 "pillars" from the TV anime "Demon Slayer". The price is 432 yen (tax included).

Devil's Blade Kotabe

Following the 6 designs of Tanjiro Kamado, Tanjiro Kamado, and Yoshiyasu Gazuma released on July 21, 2021, 9 additional designs of Purgatory Anjuro, Yoshiyuki Tomioka, and Kocho Shinobura "Pillar" will be on sale this time. Will be done. The contents are 5 pieces of the popular "Raw Yatsuhashi Chocolat Flavor".

Miju "Demon Slayer Kotabe"

Kotabe (raw Yatsuhashi chocolate flavor) is a popular limited-time chocolate flavor. A Western-style raw Yatsuhashi with fragrant chocolate wrapped in a chewy cocoa dough (without scent) kneaded with cocoa powder. The chocolate wrapped in the dough has a soft mouthfeel. Compared to the lid-sized "Otabe", Kotabe is bite-sized and has a cute finish.

Miju "Demon Slayer Kotabe"

The package is a small box designed by each of the nine "pillars" who are the highest ranks of the demon slaughter corps in the TV anime "Demon Slayer". Purgatory Anjuro, Tomioka Yoshiyuki, Kocho Shinobu, Umeda Tengen, Kanroji Mitsuri, Iguro Kobauchi, Immortal River Miya, Tokitomu Ichiro, Screaming Ryukoumei.

Available at Kyoto Station, high-speed service area (Kinki area), souvenir shop (Kyoto area), Otabe Honkan, etc. In addition, advance reservations will be accepted at the Otabe Online Shop from 11:00 to 12:59 on October 12th for a limited time and quantity. Shipment is October 16th. You can check the details from the online shop.

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