Maruka Foods "Peyoung Aji no Ozeki Yakisoba
(Image source: Maruka Foods official website)

Maruka Foods' Peyoung brand will introduce a new flavor of cup yakisoba, Peyoung Aji no Ozeki Yakisoba, on its official website, which will be available from October 10. It will be available from October 10 at an open price.

Peyoung Aji no Ozeki Yakisoba

Aji no Ozeki" was first released by Maruka Foods in 1966 and was a popular ramen at the time.

This time, the flavor of "Aji no Ozeki" is reproduced in a yakisoba cup. The soy sauce-based sauce with chicken broth flavor is said to have a nostalgic and gentle taste. The condiments are corn, green onion, and Naruto.

Each serving contains 110 g and 543 kcal. To cook, first peel off the lid halfway and remove the sauce and kayaku. Pour boiling water up to the inner line. After 3 minutes, remove the lid and mix the sauce well.