Maruka Foods "Peyoung Mushroom Soba-Soba Style
(All images are sourced from the official Maruka Foods website)

Peyoung Mushroom Soba-Soba Style" is a new flavor of cup yakisoba from Maruka Foods' "Peyoung" brand, which will be available from September 26. The estimated price is 214 yen (excluding tax).

Peyoung Mushroom Soba-Soba Style

This is a new flavor of Peyoung's original "Soba-Soba style noodle" which does not contain any buckwheat flour. The flavor of Mushroom Soba is recreated with the autumn taste of mushrooms as the main ingredient. The soy sauce-based sauce with a hint of dashi (Japanese soup stock) enhances the flavor of the mushrooms, resulting in a gentle taste. The dried mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms, beunashimeji mushrooms, and green onions are used as condiments.

To cook, peel off the outer film, peel off the lid halfway, and remove the sauce and kayaku. Pour boiling water up to the inner line and cover with the lid. After 3 minutes, discard the hot water from the drain opening, remove the lid, and mix the sauce well.