Confectionery master Suehiroan "Mont Blanc Daifuku of Waguri"

Confectionery Takumi Suehiroan will renew the popular autumn product "Mont Blanc Daifuku of Waguri" and release it on September 1st. Available at 6 directly managed stores in Kanagawa prefecture and the official website.

Waguri Mont Blanc Daifuku

The limited-time product, which was introduced in many media in the fall of 2020 and gained popularity, has been renewed even more deliciously. This year, we use only carefully selected domestic chestnuts for both marron cream and astringent chestnuts boiled in Kanro-ni. The manufacturing method has also been partially changed, and it has been reborn as a Japanese sweet that is irresistible for chestnut lovers, where you can feel the flavor and sweetness of chestnuts.

On top of the chewy and fluffy cream Daifuku, Marron cream made from 100% domestic chestnuts and Kanro-ni of large astringent chestnuts are placed on top of Mont Blanc, which is unique to Japanese sweets shops. The thick cream, which makes you feel as if you are eating chestnuts, is a blend of two types of chestnuts, one from Ibaraki prefecture with a smooth texture and the other from Kumamoto prefecture with a rich flavor. The taste of chestnuts is enhanced by a unique manufacturing method that can reduce the amount of sugar used to less than half that of general Daifuku. Kanro-ni of large astringent chestnuts uses astringent chestnuts from Kumamoto prefecture, which are characterized by their sticky texture and strong flavor.