Umoto's Maritozzo "Extremely Raw" Milk Butter "Maritozzo-Yuzu"

AKICHI Pop-up Store-In Umoto's Maritozzo, a new flavor of Italian sweets "Maritozzo" "Gokusei" Milk Butter "Maritozzo-Yuzu" will appear. It will be available from September 1st to December 31st. The selling price is 500 yen (tax included).

Extremely raw "milk butter" Maritozzo-Yuzu

Umoto's Maritozzo "Extremely Raw" Milk Butter "Maritozzo-Yuzu"

A seasonal product with a cool taste that uses fragrant yuzu. The bread dough is made by combining North American wheat and domestic wheat, and the richness of Hokkaido milk, Hokkaido cream, butter and honey is trapped, and the medium and hot water roux method fermented at low temperature for a long time is used for about 22 hours. It has been baked over the above. It has a sweet and delicate mouthfeel.

Sandwiched inside is a special whipped cream that combines Hokkaido cream and domestic yuzu confiture. The surface of the cream is topped with candied yuzu peel from Ehime prefecture, which has been cut into cubes. It is a Japanese-style dish with a refreshing scent unique to Yuzu and a refreshing taste of peel.

The AKICHI pop-up store in Namba AKICHI, Osaka-Maritozzo in Umoto was originally scheduled to open until July, but it has been extended due to its popularity.