Beckers "Strawberry & Custard Maritozzo"
(All images are from the Beckers official website)

It was announced on the official website that "Strawberry & Custard Maritozzo" has appeared as a sweet of Becker's. The calorie is 309 kcal per piece, and the selling price is 280 yen per piece (tax included, same below).

Strawberry & Custard Maritozzo

Beckers "Strawberry & Custard Maritozzo"

At Becker's, which is known as fast food at some stations in JR East, there are several sweets in addition to hamburgers and french fries, and "Brioche's Ogura Whip Sandwich" is a menu that uses brioche that is traditionally baked in the store. "Brioche fluffy whipped sandwich" (180 yen each) is available. "Strawberry & Custard Maritozzo" follows these.

Custard cream with vanilla seeds, strawberry sauce, and whipped cream are sandwiched between the brioche dough baked in the store, and it is tailored as the traditional Italian confectionery "Maritozzo". The sweet and sour sauce and aroma of strawberry are accented.