Iwashita New Ginger Museum "New Ginger Maritozzo"
(The image is quoted from the official website)

Maritozzo "New Ginger Maritozzo" using Iwashita New Ginger is on sale at the cafe "CAFE NEW GINGER" in the Iwashita New Ginger Museum. The price is 300 yen for a single item and 600 yen for a drink set (tax included, same below). The sale period is from November 17th to December 27th.

New Ginger Maritozzo

The much talked about Maritozzo is finally here at Cafe New Ginger. Whipped cream mixed with handmade Iwashita New Ginger Jam and chopped "Iwashita New Ginger like dried fruit" is sandwiched in a fluffy brioche. Maritozzo is unique to the Iwashita New Ginger Museum, which has a cute heart topped with two slices of Iwashita New Ginger. It is a menu that "Iwashita's new ginger feeling is a little hidden".

In addition, "Roast beef bowl with two kinds of Iwashita new ginger sauce-with warm soup-" (1,280 yen) and "Iwashita new ginger and roast beef pizza" (1,280 yen) will be on sale for Christmas only.

Iwashita New Ginger Museum "Roast beef bowl with 2 kinds of Iwashita new ginger sauce-with warm soup-"