Sanyo Foods "Nozaki's Corned Beef Flavored Salted Soba"
(The source of the image is Sanyo Foods official website)

It was announced on the official website that "Nozaki's corned beef flavored salted grilled soba" will appear as a new flavor of cup grilled soba from Sanyo Foods. It will be available nationwide from August. The estimated price is 240 yen (excluding tax).

Nozaki's corned beef flavored salted soba

It is guided as a flavorful salt-grilled soba that reproduces the taste of "Nozaki's corned beef". Fine noodles with small pieces are used, and the sauce is finished so that it is well entwined.

A processed corned beef made from Nozaki's corned beef and beef extract are blended to give the corned beef a unique taste, and pepper is added to create a crisp taste. By combining seasoning oil with beef tallow, it becomes a flavorful salt-grilled soba sauce.

The standard cabbage is used for yakisoba. Also attached is a yakumo after the appearance of corned beef is reproduced based on soy protein.

The content is 117g (4.13oz) and the noodle weight is 100g (3.53oz). Calories are 588 kcal per serving.