Kiyoken "Summer Kanagawa Taste Bento"

"Summer Kanagawa Taste Bento" will be available from Kiyoken for a limited time. It will be available from June 16th to August 31st.

Summer Kanagawa flavored bento

Kiyoken "Summer Kanagawa Taste Bento"

In order to increase the number of tourists to Kanagawa prefecture, this series is made with the concept of "Lunch box to know and taste Kanagawa" as a tie-up project with the prefecture. This time, we have prepared contents that you can enjoy refreshingly in the hot season only in the summer.

Including 3 Yokohama specialties "Shiumai", ginger boiled with tuna landed at Misaki Port, fried Miura sprout hijiki with sesame oil, and "Miura sprout hijiki and kukiwakame" cooked with sesame oil Contains Kanagawa's specialties such as "stir-fried simmered" and "Odawara kamaho" which is elastic and has a good texture.

Other side dishes include "corn simmered", "bamboo shoots", "carrot simmered", "lotus root simmered", "tamagoyaki", and "pickled cucumber". The white rice is topped with the refreshing "simmered edamame and chirimen-jako" and "umeboshi from Odawara", and you can enjoy two different flavors. The sweetness is "Mango Warabimochi", which has a tropical taste using seasonal mango.

Yokosuka City "Soleil Hill", Zushi City "Zushi Coast Post", Hiratsuka City "Kana Garden", Fujisawa City "Enoshima Lantern", Odawara City "Ikoi no Mori", are arranged in the design of the hanging paper. It is a famous place in Kanagawa prefecture such as Hakone Town "Mt. Fuji over Lake Ashi".

It is available at about 150 stores mainly in Kanagawa and Tokyo. The selling price is 960 yen (tax included).