7-ELEVEN "Retro Pudding of Thick Eggs"
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New arrival sweets, sweet bread, and ice cream that will be on sale from June 1st at each 7-ELEVEN store. Check out the featured lineup!

* The handling status of each product varies depending on the region and store.

Rich chocolate muffin

7-ELEVEN "rich chocolate muffin"

Chocolate muffins topped with chocolate that has a distinctive look and texture. The price is 149 yen (tax included, same below).

Thick egg retro pudding

7-ELEVEN "Retro Pudding of Thick Eggs"

A pudding with a firm texture that makes you feel nostalgic. A sponge dough soaked with bittersweet caramel sauce and a pudding that allows you to enjoy the rich richness of the egg are combined. The price is 224 yen.

Basque cheese cake

7-ELEVEN "Basque Cheese Cake"

Basque cheese cake with a smooth texture. By finely adjusting the temperature of the oven, the inside is finished with a moist texture while giving a brown color to the surface. The price is 257 yen.

Chocolat fromage

7-ELEVEN "Chocolat Fromage"

A cake made by layering baked chocolate cheese with a moist texture and smooth chocolate cheese mousse. Whipped cream and crispy chocolate are the accents of the texture. The price is 246 yen.

White bracken vanilla

7-ELEVEN "White Bracken Vanilla"

White bracken finished by wrapping vanilla-flavored whipped cream in bracken dough and sprinkling it with powder. Released on June 2nd. The price is 127 yen.

3 pieces of raw choco mochi

7-ELEVEN "Raw Choco Mochi 3 Pieces"

Smooth chocolate wrapped in a chewy mochi dough. Released on June 2nd. The price is 127 yen.

New arrival ice lineup

Lotte BIG Melon Bar 108 yen Akagi Garigari-kun Ume 75 yen
7 Premium Fruit Bar 100% Fruit Juice Pine 105 Yen Morinaga & Co. Biscuit Sand Afternoon Tea Milk Tea 162 Yen * Released on June 5 Morinaga Pino Pistachio 194 Yen
7 Premium Strawberry favorite polar bear 311 yen Akagi Adult Gari-gari-kun Golden pine multi 378 yen