100% Toki apples from Aomori prefecture "Nikka Cider Toki apples"

Asahi Breweries will release "Nikka Cider Toki Apple" brewed with 100% "Toki Apple" from Aomori Prefecture on June 1st. For a limited time. The capacity is 200 ml and 720 ml. The price is open. Alcohol content is 3%.

Nikka Cider

"Nikka Cider" is a sparkling wine that uses 100% domestic apples and allows you to enjoy the fresh taste of apples. It is widely supported by people in their 20s, from alcohol entry groups to those who regularly drink sparkling wine.

Nikka Cider Toki Apple

"Nikka Cider Toki Apple" is a sparkling wine that uses only "Toki Apple" from Aomori Prefecture. You can enjoy the refreshing sweetness and aroma peculiar to "Toki apple" and the mild acidity. It is easy to drink with an alcohol content of 3% without adding sugars or flavors.

The package design is based on a refreshing green background, with the words "Aomori Prefecture Toki Apple" and "100% Domestic Apple Sparkling Wine" in the center. Manufacture is carried out at Nikka Whiskey's Hirosaki Plant (Hirosaki City, Aomori Prefecture).