Kappa Sushi "Toroneta Festival"

"Toroneta Festival" will be held at Kappa Sushi. Limited time offer from May 12th to 30th.

Speaking of "Toro", it is the image of "Tuna", but at this fair, many "Toro Neta" other than tuna are gathered. For example, Kappa Sushi is a popular meat sushi called "Beef Toronnigiri". We use Angus beef that you can feel the taste of meat. Furthermore, the surface is quickly roasted, and the fat melts to enhance the sweetness of the meat. This time, we also prepared "Refreshing Beef and Roron Grated Ponzu", which has about 1.5 times the amount of meat per consistent "Beef and Ronigiri". With the refreshing seasoning of grated radish and ponzu jelly, you can enjoy the taste of beef shabu-shabu.

Kappa Sushi "Toroneta Festival"

The limited quantity of "Large Toro Salmon" is about 1.5 times the size of regular Toro Salmon. It is provided in a luxurious size where you can fully feel the taste of salmon.

In addition, the recommended "Toro salmon salmon roe wrapping" is a dish of seaweed from Ariake, sushi rice and salmon roe, and salmon roe on top. You can enjoy the sweet fat of salmon, the texture that pops in your mouth, and the flavor of fragrant seaweed from Ariake at the same time.

Kappa Sushi "Toroneta Festival"

In addition, we also have "Saikyo-yaki-style Toro Saba Nigiri," which uses greasy mackerel and has the sweet miso that is unique to Saikyo-yaki-style. You can enjoy a moist, thick and elegant taste.

Toro Neta Festival Product List

Beef and Ronigiri 2 pieces 198 yen (tax included)
Horseradish horseradish with beef 198 yen (tax included)
Refreshing beef and grated ponzu vinegar 2 pieces 308 yen (tax included)
Large Toro Salmon Ninuki 198 yen (tax included)
Salmon roe with salmon roe wrapping around 110 yen (tax included)
Yuzu-flavored Toro Salmon Tsutsumi Assortment Consistent 110 yen (tax included)
Saikyo-yaki style Toro mackerel nigiri 2 pieces 110 yen (tax included)