Cafe de Clie "Sakura Crunch Latte"

Three cherry and matcha drinks and two new cakes will be on sale from February 17th at each Cafe de Clie store.

The drink menu includes "Sakura Crunch Latte," "Scented Uji Matcha Latte," and "Ice Scented Uji Matcha Latte," and the cake menu includes "Sakura Roll Cake" and "Kaga Bar Hojicha Mont Blanc."

"Sakura Crunch Latte" is a latte with fluffy cherry-colored whipped cream on a steamed base of Café de Clie's original cherry sauce and milk, which adds a touch of salt to the hidden flavor to enhance the gorgeous taste of the cherry blossoms. A cute hot drink with a crunch of cherry blossoms on the top. The price is 400 yen (excluding tax, the same applies below).

"Scented Uji Matcha Latte" and "Ice Scented Uji Matcha Latte" have been renewed from the classic deep Uji Matcha Latte to a taste that makes you feel the flavor of matcha. By combining it with milk for each order, you can enjoy a deep taste and a deep finish more than ever. The price starts from 380 yen.

Cafe de Clie "Sakura Crunch Latte" "Scented Uji Matcha Latte"
Sakura crunch latte on the left front and Uji matcha latte on the right back

The new dessert menu "Sakura Roll Cake" is a roll cake made by rolling whipped cream with a cherry-colored sponge cake and topped with salted cherry blossom petals. Prices start at 400 yen for a single item and 630 yen for a drink set.

"Kaga Hojicha Mont Blanc" is a smooth Mont Blanc cake made by kneading fragrantly roasted Kaga Hojicha powder into whipped cream and Mont Blanc cream and layering it on sponge dough. .. Prices start at 400 yen for a single item and 630 yen for a drink set.

Cafe de Clie "Cherry roll cake" "Kaga stick roasted tea Mont Blanc"
Mont Blanc of Kaga stick roasted tea on the left, cherry roll cake on the right