Fujiya Confectionery "Hinamatsuri Peach Color Shortcake

Hinamatsuri Products at Fujiya Conf

ectionery Shop Hinamatsuri products will be available at Fujiya Confectionery Shop from February 25 until March 3. A variety of cakes will be available under the theme of "Fun Hinamatsuri for children and adults alike.

Fujiya Confectionery Shop Hinamatsuri Products

Hinamatsuri Peach Short

cake A special shortcake made with peach-colored sponge and strawberries. The cake is shaped to resemble hishimochi (rice cakes) offered at Hinamatsuri, and is decorated with a gold leaf with designs of Peco and Poco dressed as Mebina and Obina, a pink macaroon skin, and six large Japanese strawberries. The macaroon crust is optional.

Fujiya Confectionery "Hinamatsuri Peach Color Shortcake

The product will go on sale on February 25 (Sat.). Priced at 4,800 yen (tax included, same as below).

Hinamatsuri Cherry Blossom Dancing Strawberry Roll

Cake: Pink milk chanterie cream and strawberries rolled in a peach-colored sponge. The top is topped with Japanese strawberries, pink ganache squeezed to resemble cherry blossoms, chocolate with a cherry blossom petal motif, and silver leaf sugar. The sides are covered with cherry blossom-flavored chocolate flakes to create the appearance of dancing cherry blossoms.

Fujiya Confectionery "Hinamatsuri Cherry Blossom Dancing Strawberry Roll Cake

Available on February 25 (Sat.). 14 mm long. The length is approximately 14 mm and the price is 2,400 yen.

Hinamatsuri Assorted Cakes

An assortment of cakes to enjoy: Japanese yellow peach shortcake, high cocoa chocolate cake, Amaou strawberry cake, Kumamoto Japanese chestnut cake, Hokkaido cream cheese cake, and Uji green tea cake. The cakes also come with a chocolate attachment and macaroon skin for Hinamatsuri (Girls' Festival), and a band with Peco and Poco designs on it for a cute look. The macaroon skin is optional.

Fujiya Confectionery "Hinamatsuri Assortment Cake

Available on February 25 (Sat.). 150mm in diameter. The macaroon skin is approximately 150mm in diameter and priced at 3,400 yen.

Hinamatsuri Petit Selection (8 pieces):

An assortment of eight petit tarts made from Japanese chestnuts from Kumamoto Prefecture, Setouchi Daicho Lemon from Hiroshima Prefecture, condensed milk from Iwate Prefecture, Tochiaika from Tochigi Prefecture, Mochizuki white peaches from Yamagata Prefecture, Uji green tea from Kyoto Prefecture, Amaou strawberries from Fukuoka Prefecture and mango from Miyazaki Prefecture. The macaroon crusts are served separately.

Fujiya Confectionery "Hinamatsuri Petit Selection (8 pieces)

To be released on February 25 (Sat.). Price: 2,900 yen.

Soreike! Anpanman Shortcake (Hinamatsuri):

Cute shortcakes with Anpanman and Melonpanna-chan jelly dolls. It is sandwiched between yellow peaches and apples in syrup, finished with a rich condensed milk chanterelle cream, and decorated with five strawberries. The chanterelle cream contains lactic acid bacteria and oligosaccharides.

Fujiya Confectionery Shop "Soreike! Anpanman Shortcake (Hinamatsuri)

The product will go on sale on February 25 (Saturday). It is approximately 165mm in diameter and priced at 4,700 yen.

Strawberry Reward Italian Shortcake

: Sweet and sour strawberries and chanterelle cream are a perfect match. It is a luxurious two-tiered strawberry sandwich.

Fujiya Confectionery "Strawberry Reward Italian Shortcake".

On sale on Tuesday, February 28. Price: 680 yen.

Strawberry Reward Crepe Pannier

Fluffy chiffon dough, yellow peaches in syrup, orange sauce, and light type custard cream wrapped in crepe dough. The top surface is decorated with premium chantilly cream and strawberries.

Fujiya Confectionery "Strawberry Reward Crepe Pannier

On sale Tuesday, February 28. Price: 590 yen.

There are many other Hinamatsuri items available as well.

Some stores may not carry them or may be sold out.
Some Fujiya restaurants will also sell Hinamatsuri products.
The standard tax rate (10%) will be applied to food and beverages at eat-in spaces, and the prices differ from the tax-included prices listed here.