Koike-ya "Scorn Feast Seafood"

From Koike-ya's "Scone" series, "Scone Feast Seafood", which has the exquisite taste of seafood and the refreshing acidity of lemon, will be released at convenience stores (excluding some stores) on February 15. It will be released on February 22 in general channels such as supermarkets. The price is open. The content is 75g (2.65oz).

Launched in 1987, "Scone" is a long-selling brand that is popular for its rich taste and savory texture of corn.

The "Scone Feast Seafood" to be released this time is made by condensing the taste of seafood such as shrimp, scallops, and squid, and finishing it with lemon and olive oil for a fragrant and refreshing aftertaste.

With a crispy and crunchy texture, the luxurious seafood that overflows and the freshness of the fragrant lemon. It's rich but refreshing, and it's delicious and unstoppable.

The package design is a gorgeous seafood salad with large shrimp and scallops, which expresses rich taste and response, and the vivid turquoise blue of the ground color expresses a refreshing feeling.