New product in collaboration with Koike-ya "Minion"

Koike-ya will release new products such as "Scone Scented Fever Corn" in collaboration with the popular character "Minion" from June 7th. In addition, a special package in which "Scone", "Hashed Potato" and "Minions Fever" have collaborated will be available for a limited time.

Minion x Koike-ya collaboration new product


Koike-ya "Scorn Scented Fever Corn"

"Scone scented fever corn" is a scone baked with soy sauce. The natural sweetness of corn is brought out, and the sweetness and aroma of grilled corn are in perfect harmony. Released on June 7th.

Caramel x scone

Koikeya "Caramel x Scone Banana Caramel"

"Caramel x Scone Banana Caramel" is a scone finished with the natural sweetness of banana and fragrant caramel. An adult taste that is healed by the slight sweetness. With the candy coating, you can enjoy a two-layer texture that is crispy on the outside and crispy on the inside. Released on June 21st.

Hash browns

Koike-ya "Hashed Potato Mini Cheese"

"Hashed Potato Mini Cheese" is a snack that combines the richness of freeze-dried cheese and the spiciness of black pepper with the taste of potatoes that go well together. You can enjoy the royal road combination of rich cheese cubes and potatoes. Pre-sale at convenience stores on July 5th, and general sale at supermarkets nationwide on July 12th.


Koike-ya "Karamucho Hijacking Not Chili Flavor"

"Karamucho Hijacking Not Chili Flavor" is a new product created when the important "chili pepper", which is the source of the spiciness of Karamucho, has been stolen. Children and people who are not good at spicy foods can also enjoy it. You can feel the sweetness of vegetables, the taste of chicken, and the aroma and umami of fragrant garlic. Released on July 12th.


Koike-ya "Suppa Mucho Naughty Lemon Flavor"

"Suppa Mucho Naughty Lemon Flavor" is a soup snifit that was created by mischief with lemon. It is a new taste with a sweet and refreshing aroma that even people who are not good at sweet and sour fruits can enjoy. Released on July 12th.

Minion collaboration package

Released on June 7th

New product in collaboration with Koike-ya "Minion"

Scone addictive barbecue 75g (2.65oz)
Scones Melting Quattro Cheese 75g (2.65oz)
Scone feast seafood 75g (2.65oz)

Released on June 21

New product in collaboration with Koike-ya "Minion"

Caramel x Scone Salt Caramel 35g (1.23oz)

Released on July 12

New product in collaboration with Koike-ya "Minion"

Hashed potato rich horse salt 50g (1.76oz)
Hashed potato crispy bacon 45g (1.59oz)

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