Koike-ya "Much sour snifit sour vinegar flavor"

From Koike-ya, a very refreshing "Much Suppa Mucho Supper Vinegar Flavor" is on sale at convenience stores in advance. Available at supermarkets nationwide from January 25th. The content is 60g (2.12oz) and the price is open.

Among the new Koike-ya products, "Mecha Suppa Mucho" was the product most requested to be resold. It was well received by those who like sour foods, saying that the sourness that penetrates through them is a habit.

The "Much Suppa Mucho Sour Vinegar Flavor" to be released this time is a dish that sticks to the taste of the ingredients by frying potatoes firmly while keeping the stimulating acidity of vinegar. The more you chew, the more the taste of potatoes and the acidity of vinegar are intertwined, creating an exquisite taste and exhilaration.

In addition, the crisply fried chips are light and comfortable, and you can enjoy a different texture from the usual "Suppa Mucho". The crisps that pierce through and have a firm texture will refresh your mood.

The package design intuitively expresses stimulation and exhilaration with a world view like a strong carbonated drink, with innumerable bubbles and water droplets scattered around with the motif of "drops".