Ginza Senbiya Newly pickled domestic olives "Olive Dolce"

It was announced on the official website that the limited-quantity menu "Domestic Olive Dolce" from Ginza Senbiya has appeared. It is available only at stores.

Fresh olives harvested one by one in Tsu City, Kagawa Prefecture are salted. Made every year only during the olive harvest season. The saltiness is modest, the rich flavor of olives is fragrant, and it is tailored so that you can enjoy the strong taste. It is informed that if you taste it as it is, you can understand the difference from foreign products. It is also suitable for sake snacks and salads.

There are seeds inside. Also, because it is cultivated without pesticides, there are some variations in the size of the fruit. No preservatives are used and it is recommended to eat early after opening.

Contents per bottle is 40g (1.41oz). In addition to a single item, a set of two is also available. The selling price is as follows. Notation is tax included.

・ Single item 1,620 yen ・ 2 pieces 3,456 yen

The stores that handle it are as follows.

・ Ginza Senbiya Ginza Main Store 1F Fruit Shop ・ Ginza Senbiya Online Shop

A separate shipping fee will be charged at the online shop.