All-purpose seasoning in a bottle "Noseuma! Green onion ginger" and "Noseuma! Anchovy garlic"

From S & B Foods, new types of bottled seasonings "Noseuma! Negi Ginger" and "Noseuma! Anchovy Garlic" will be released on March 1st. The content is 110g (3.88oz) and the price is 330 yen each (excluding tax).

These are new types of bottled seasonings that make use of the "blessing of the earth, spices and herbs" that you can enjoy the texture with plenty of ingredients.

・ Green onion ginger
Large dice ginger and green onion ・ Kwai is used. You can enjoy the crispy texture. The savory flavor is added using green onion oil. The flavor of ginger, the aroma of green onion and the sense of unity of oil (corn oil and sesame oil) make the dish with an accented texture.

・ Anchovy garlic
It features garlic chips and onion ingredients. Based on anchovies and onion saute, the taste is thickened and punched. Based on the deliciousness of onions, it is characterized by anchovies, garlic, and oil (corn oil / olive oil), so you can enjoy the taste of garlic regardless of whether it is Japanese or Western.