Fukuya "Men Beef Hash

Fukuya Men Beef

Hash Fukuya sells "Men Beef Hash", a combination of corned beef hash, a classic Okinawan food, and mentaiko (cod roe). This is the second product in the series following "Menchiriconkan" (released in November 2022), which combines the American national dish "chiriconkan" and mentaiko (cod roe) under the concept of "world cuisine x mentaiko. The product weighs 80g (2.82oz) and is priced at 432 yen (tax included).

The corned


hash is a combination of carefully selected minced beef from a factory in Okinawa, Japan, and small diced potatoes with unique spices. To this are added spicy mentaiko (spicy cod roe) grains and seasoning liquid. The heat treatment makes it delicious as it is, and it can also be cooked in various ways, such as stir-fried, stir-fried with sauce, or on top of other foods! This is a product that is sure to become addictive, born from the encounter between mentaiko and Okinawan ingredients.

The package design depicts a cute little cook imagining how to arrange menus such as champuru and hot dogs using mentaiko beef hash. The fun illustration expresses the product's characteristic "usability in a variety of dishes. The design was created by illustrator Kozy Tomato.

Fukuya "Men Beef Hash