Recipe "Sweet potato in the microwave"

Let's make an excellent snack using the delicious "sweet potato"! Here are three sweet potato snack recipes that the En-eating editorial department actually made and were delicious.

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・ Daigakuimo that is not fried
No butter or oil is used! A recipe for "Deep-fried Daigakuimo" that you can easily make at home.

Recipe for "Deep-fried Daigakuimo"

Mayonnaise flavor and acidity may remain? I was worried, but there was none at all. Rather, it feels like the sweet potatoes have a moderate richness. In addition, the saltiness of soy sauce and the sugar content of honey overlap, creating a fresher Daigaku-imo than when fried.

Range with a simple sweet potato
microwave and a handy recipe toaster would be if " sweet potato in the range ".

Recipe "Sweet potato in the microwave"

It has a texture that melts when you bite it, but when you put it on your tongue, it melts smoothly and smoothly. The sweetness and aroma of the potatoes, complemented by the richness of sugar and butter and a little salt, are outstandingly delicious! It melts moist and smooth, so you can eat as many as you like.

Vanilla ice easy to make using a simple sweet potato
vanilla ice cream in " Vanilla Ice of sweet potato recipes."

"Vanilla ice cream sweet potato" recipe

Sweet potatoes made with ice cream are very creamy and smooth. There is no lumpy feeling that tends to be handmade sweet potatoes, and it is easy to make well. If you crush the sweet potatoes firmly, it will be smoother, and if you crush it roughly, you can enjoy the grainy texture.