LAWSON "Akakara Supervised Cheese Doria" and "Kurokara Supervised Black Bean Curd Lunch Box".

Five products supervised by Akakara and Kurokara, famous restaurant chains originating in Aichi Prefecture, will go on sale at Lawson stores in the Chubu area on January 19. They will be available in Shizuoka, Aichi, Gifu, Mie, Toyama, Ishikawa, and Fukui prefectures (excluding some stores).

Akakara" is a popular restaurant chain that currently operates more than 280 stores nationwide. Akakara's signature menu item is "Akakara nabe," which features a special miso-based soup blended with several spices; its sister restaurant, "Kurokara," which opened in 2019, offers "Kurokara nabe," a secret miso-based soup with black mar oil and chili peppers. The new product uses a spicy and rich broth inspired by the popular nabe at Akakara and Kurokara.

Akakara Supervised Cheese Doria

Akakara Cheese Doria is a doria inspired by the cheese risotto that is popular as part of Akakara's nabe menus. Bacon is used as an ingredient and cheese is added to the Akakara nabe-style soup with bouillon and other ingredients. It is priced at 460 yen (tax included, same below).

LAWSON "Kurokara Supervised Black Bean Curd Lunch Box

Supervised by Akakara You get 1/2 a day's worth of vegetables! Akakara Hot Pot Soup

Akakara Supervised 1/2 a Day's Worth of Vegetables! Akakara Nabe Soup" is a soup full of ingredients with a delicious flavor, richness, and a hint of sweetness and spiciness. Ingredients include meatballs, tofu, Chinese cabbage, carrots, daikon radish, and deep-fried tofu, providing a half-day's worth of vegetables*. Price: 450 yen. Recommended daily intake: 350g (12.35oz) or more (from "Health Japan 21" by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare).

LAWSON "1/2 Day's Worth of Vegetables from Akakara! Akakara Hot Pot Soup

Curry Bread (supervised by Akakara)

Curry Bread (supervised by Akakara)" was developed as a creative menu item not available in stores. It is characterized by the moderate spiciness of curry combined with Akakara nabe-style soup. It is priced at 150 yen.

LAWSON "Curry Bread (supervised by Akakara)

Kurokara Supervision Black Bean Curd Lunch Box

The "Kurokara Supervision Kuro-Mabo Tofu Bento" is a lunch box with an authentic flavor reminiscent of "stone-roasted Bean Curd". The hot and spicy bean curd is seasoned with red hot pepper sauce and other spicy and numbing ingredients, with red bean curd hot pot soup and black ma-oil added as a secret ingredient. The price is 498 yen.

LAWSON "Kurokara Supervised Black Bean Curd Lunch Box

Kurokara Supervision Kurokara Onigiri (Spicy Chicken)

The "Kurokara Supervision Kurokara Onigiri (Spicy Chicken)" combines spicy chicken with rice that has been flavored with black mar oil and other ingredients based on Akakara nabe-style soup. The price is 150 yen.

LAWSON "Kurokara Onigiri (Spicy Chicken) supervised by Kurokara