Fried chicken flavor from Pringles

"Karaage taste" will be on sale from January 25th from the "Pringles" series of molded potato chips from Kellogg Japan. It will be the first 2021 flavor for a limited time.

The classic taste of "karaage", which is popular not only as a side dish on the table but also as a hot snack, is reproduced. Based on onion powder and garlic powder, multiple spices are blended to create a unique and appetizing flavor unique to Pringles.

In addition to snacks, it has been launched as a dish suitable for "snacks" as the chances of online drinking parties and drinking alone increase due to Corona.

The package is also a feature. It is said that a scene from a warm Japanese dining table is reproduced, and it depicts "potato chips eating fried chicken deliciously". In addition, the bright pink background color expresses the warmth of winter and the expectation of waiting for spring.

Two types of contents, 110g (3.88oz) and 53g (1.87oz), are available. Both are open prices.