McDonald's "Yacky (ginger-grilled burger)"

"Yacky (ginger-grilled burger)" will be reprinted from January 20th at each McDonald's store. It will be added to the 200 yen burger lineup of "Choi Mac" (excluding some stores).

"Yacky" appeared in February 2017 as a 200 yen burger for "Otegoro Mac" at that time, and was sold until June 2018. In response to the desire for a revival, we will renew and revive so that you can enjoy more "ginger soy sauce sauce".

The ginger soy sauce sauce, which contains vegetables such as ginger, onions, and green onions, further enhances the flavor of ginger and enhances the flavor of onions and scallions, thereby enhancing the richness of the entire sauce. Excellent compatibility with savory grilled juicy pork patties. The scent of "ginger-grilled" is appetizing. In addition, the texture and flavor of sliced onion accentuate the taste, giving it a nostalgic and exquisite taste, just like eating ginger.

The single item price is 200 yen (tax included, same below). The set price with side menu and drink is 500 yen. It will be on sale until mid-May.