"Sakura scented chewy cherry blossom Daifuku" for Maruetsu etc.

The Japanese confectionery "Sakura Kaoru Mocchiri Sakura Daifuku" will reappear. It will be sold in Maruetsu etc. for a limited time from December 25th.

The selling price is 298 yen (excluding tax, the same applies below), and 2 pieces are included. One of the private brands "eatime" of United Super Markets Holdings (USMHoldings), which develops Maruetsu and others.

The feature is that azuki beans from Hokkaido and domestic cherry leaves are used. Daifuku is made by steaming glutinous rice from Hokkaido with a bamboo steamer and mixing it with chopped cherry leaves.

In addition, it has been announced that you can enjoy the combination with the same eatime brand "Fukamushi Sencha that makes you want to drink with a bright green color". There is 100g (3.53oz) of tea leaves for 498 yen. This is a deep-steamed sencha that is grown by the Shizuoka tea-grass farm method and is limited to producers. It has a mild sweetness and richness.

"Sakura scented chewy cherry blossom Daifuku" for Maruetsu etc.

In addition to Maruetsu, Sakura Daifuku is available at Kasumi and Maxvalu Kanto stores. Please note that some stores may not be sold.