Christmas-colored "raspberry chocolate tart" at Cafe de Clie

The dessert menus "Raspberry Chocolate Tart" and "Italian Chestnut Mont Blanc" will be on sale on November 11th at Cafe de Clie and Maison de Veil stores.

"Raspberry chocolate tart" is a tart that is perfect for the holiday season, with a refreshing texture of chocolate tart dough, smooth chocolate mousse, and sweet and sour raspberry glasage. The price is 400 yen for a single item and 630 yen for a drink set.

The most popular cake category, "Italian chestnut Mont Blanc (using 85% Italian chestnuts)" has been renewed with a richer taste by adding marron sauce in the center. The price is 390 yen for a single item and 620 yen for a drink set.

* All prices do not include tax