Shateraise Mother's Day Sweets

Chateraise Mother

's Day Sweets Chateraise will sell "Mother's Day Sweets" for a limited time. Mother's Day Thank You Decoration, Mother's Day Bouquet Assorted Decoration, Mother's Day Strawberry Mont Blanc, Mother's Day Strawberry Bouquet, Mother's Day Caramel Berry, and Mother's Day Tiramisu Crepe. They will be on sale for three days only, from May 12 to May 14.

Mother's Day Thank You Decoration

is a flower cake with pink carnations in strawberry cream and roses in berry-flavored butter cream, making it the perfect Mother's Day gift. A sweet and sour strawberry sauce with strawberry pulp is sandwiched between whipped cream and fluffy sponge. This is a very special Mother's Day limited edition decorated cake with a very gorgeous appearance. It measures 12 cm in diameter and is priced at 2,052 yen (tax included).

Shateraise "Mother's Day Thank You Decoration

Mother's Day Bouquet Assorted Dec

oration An assortment of eight flavors can be enjoyed in a single piece of this decorated cake. Each cake contains one strawberry miruku, truffle chocolate, white chocolate, chocolate banana, green tea, mixed berry, rare cheese, and marron, and is decorated with strawberries, chocolate, and carnations in a cute way. This easy-to-share assortment cake is recommended for large gatherings. It measures 17 cm in diameter and is priced at 3,456 yen.

Shateraise "Mother's Day Bouquet Assorted Decorations


's Day Strawberry Mont


This strawberry Mont Blanc, available only for Mother's Day, allows you to enjoy the rich flavor of strawberries. Cheese mousse with raspberries, sweet and sour strawberry cream, and cream with condensed milk, which goes well with strawberries, are squeezed into the mousse. The cake has a lovely appearance and the moderate sourness of the raspberry flavor lingers in the mouth. The price is 410 yen.

Chateraise "Mother's Day Strawberry Mont Blanc

Mother's Day



This cup dessert is designed to resemble a bouquet. Milk pudding made with fresh milk from contract farms is layered with homemade strawberry confiture and whipped cream, and decorated with strawberries, strawberry cream, grape cream, and chocolate. The cream is squeezed to resemble carnations and roses, creating a gorgeous bouquet. The price is 507 yen.

Shateraise "Mother's Day Strawberry Bouquet

Mother's Day Caramel Berry

A savory baked cheese tart topped with a rich caramel mousse containing strawberry jam with hazelnuts, covered with bright red strawberry napage, and decorated with blueberries and raspberries to finish. The sweet and sour berries and the bitterness of the caramel are a perfect match. Price: 518 yen.

Chateraise "Mother's Day Caramel Berry

Mother's Day Tiramisu Cre

pe This Tiramisu mille crepe combines cocoa sponge soaked in coffee syrup, coffee mascarpone cream made with Hokkaido mascarpone cheese, and crepe skin. It is finished with a bitter taste for adults. The price is 378 yen.

Chateraise "Mother's Day Tiramisu Crepe