"Seafood Chirashizushi" price cut for a limited time in Kyotaru

In commemoration of the 88th anniversary of the founding of the take-out sushi chain "Kyotaru", the price of the popular top menu "Seafood Chirashizushi" will be reduced. Limited time offer from November 7th to 11th.

The selling price is usually 690 yen (excluding tax, the same applies below), but it is 588 yen. Kyotaru was founded in 1932 as a Japanese-style restaurant in Kyoto. In 1951, the signboard menu "Chakin Sushi" was developed, and the following year, the chain development began as "Kyotaru" for tea sushi and upper sushi, and stores expanded throughout the country.

Today, a wide range of sushi such as tea sushi, Kamigata sushi such as Battera, Edomae sushi such as nigiri, and rolled sushi are handled. The most popular of these is the Edomae sushi "seafood chirashizushi". In the 2020 founding commemorative campaign, this seafood chirashizushi will be discounted by about 15% from usual for a limited time.

In addition, some stores do not offer discounts. For details, you are instructed to contact each store. You can check the phone number of each store from the official website. Also, please note that due to the limited quantity, it may be out of stock.