Kaisen Chirashi" at Kyotaru reduced for a limited time

KYOTARU Commemorates 88th Anniversary with Price Drop on Kaisen Chirashi

To celebrate its 88th anniversary, the take-out sushi chain "Kyotaru" will reduce the price of its most popular menu item, "Kaisen Chirashi" from November 7 to 11.

The price will be 588 yen instead of the usual 690 yen (excluding tax). Kyotaru was founded in 1932 as a kappo restaurant in Kyoto. In 1951, the signature dish "Chakin Sushi" was developed, and the following year the chain was launched as Chakin and Kamigata Sushi "Kyotaru," with outlets spreading to various locations.

Today, a wide range of sushi is available, including Chakin Sushi, Kamigata Sushi such as Battera, Edo-mae Sushi such as Nigiri, and Maki Sushi. The most popular of these is the Kaisen Chirashi, which will be discounted by 15% for a limited time during the 2020 anniversary campaign.

Please note that there are some stores that do not offer the discount. For details, please contact each store. The phone number of each store can be checked from the official website. Please note that the product is in limited quantities and may be out of stock.