Kyotaru Hinamatsuri limited menu "Princess Chirashizushi" "Seafood Chirashizushi"
(* All images are from the Kyotaru official website)

It was announced on the official website that the Hinamatsuri menu will be on sale only on March 3rd in Kyotaru. There will be multiple gorgeous chirashizushi suitable for each celebration. Only available on March 3rd.

"Hime Chirashi" of Kamigata sushi is gorgeously decorated with shrimp, lotus, salmon roe, etc. on Gomoku mixed rice. Edomae sushi "Seafood Hinachirashi" is made with 6 kinds of seafood such as tuna, salmon roe, and salmon. In addition, "Hime Chirashi Hana" and "Seafood Chirashi and Souden Assortment" will be prepared.

"Hinamatsuri Aya Chakin Sushi" will also appear in "Chakin Sushi", which is the signboard menu of Kyotaru. In addition to the signature menu "Tea Kin Sushi", there are a total of 3 types of "Spinach Tea Kin Sushi" and "Tomato Tea Kin Sushi". You can choose a set of 3 or 2 pieces.

The selling price is as follows. Notation is tax included.

・ Hime Chirashizushi 756 yen ・ Seafood Chirashizushi 972 yen ・ Hime Chirashizushi Hana 1728 yen ・ Seafood Chirashizushi and Temari Sushi Assortment 1,944 yen

Some stores do not handle some menus, so you are instructed to contact each store for details. Also, due to the limited quantity, it may be out of stock.