Kappa Sushi "Hana Hina Chirashi" and "Gorgeous Kaisen Chirashi

Kappa Sushi "Hina Chirashi"

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. Two types of "Hina Chirashi" will be available at all Kappa Sushi restaurants from Wednesday, February 22 to Sunday, March 5, and reservations will be accepted from Monday, January 23, in-store, on the app, and on the website.

Kappa Sushi "H

ina Chirashi" March 3 is the Girls' Festival, which is celebrated to wish for the healthy growth and happiness of children. Kappa Sushi will sell two types of "Hina Chirashi" to enjoy Hinamatsuri in various occasions.

Reservations can be made in-store, via the app, or online. With the convenient app and web ordering, you can place your order regardless of time and location, and specify the time and location of pickup at the store of your choice.

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Hana Hina Chirashi

: A dish using 12 different ingredients including 7 kinds of seafood, with a dainty arrangement that is pleasing to both the eye and the stomach. It is lavishly sprinkled with ingredients that are popular with adults and children alike, including such auspicious ingredients as shrimp, which signifies longevity, and eggs, which signifies the accumulation of treasure.

Kappa Sushi "Hana Hina Chirashi

Ingredients include salmon roe, tuna, salmon, squid, shrimp, filleted mackerel, cooked conger eel, egg, shrimp oboro, cucumber, seaweed, and sesame seeds. 1,980 yen for two to three servings (tax included).

Gorgeous Kaisen Chirashi Sushi" supervised by Sushi Kinup

From July 2021, Kappa Sushi has been offering a special recipe for Kappa Sushi supervised by a sushi chef who is considered a master sushi chef, called "Meiten Recipe". This time, Sushi Ki Yuu, a famous sushi restaurant in Futakotamagawa, Tokyo, supervised the recipe. The restaurant's owner, Koji Kimura, has created a hinachirashi that showcases his craftsmanship. The Chinese character for "Ki" in the restaurant name "Kimura" is a variant of "Ki.

Kappa Sushi "Gorgeous Kaisen Chirashi

The "Ki" in the restaurant name "Ki Yuu" is a variant of the Chinese character for "Ki," which means "joy" in Japanese. The elegant arrangement of the strip of sushi and the taste of the ingredients are a unique "Meiten Recipe". The "dashi shoyu seared squid" is the first chirashizushi from Kappa Sushi to feature seared ingredients, and it is accented with an impressive flavor.

Ingredients include tuna, dashi shoyu seared squid, salmon roe, crab meat, and salmon. 1,480 yen per person (tax included).

Gorgeous Kaisen Chirashi Sushi is not aged.
The product may run out of stock or be discontinued even during the sales period due to weather conditions, availability, sales, etc.