Nerunerunerune "DX Nerunerunerune Grape Flavor"

"DX Nerunerunerune" (Deluxe Nerunerunerune) is on sale from the long-selling educational confectionery "Nerunerunerune" series, which is popular with Kracie Foods children. The price is 450 yen (excluding tax).

"DX Nerunerunerune" is a large-capacity "Nerunerunerune" that changes color and swells when powder and water are mixed, and can be made and eaten while enjoying the game with the whole family. Grape flavor with fruit juice.

Which of the four toppings (heart topping, candy chips, colorful ramune, sour powder) topping is decided by the "topping roulette" that you can play by reading the QR code. In addition to toppings, you can also fortune-telling, so the whole family can enjoy it with excitement.

"DX Nerunerunerune Grape Flavor" is perfect for home time. It looks good to have fun with your family. Why don't you check it out when you see it?