Adult caramel in love with butter" from Morinaga Seika

Morinaga Seika Caramel

Morinaga Seika will release "Caramel for Adults in Love with Butter," a slightly bitter caramel with the rich taste of fermented butter. The release date is October 25. It will be available for sale on October 25th, with a content of 34g (1.2oz) and a price of 184 yen (tax included).

Adult Caramel Falling in Love with Butter

As people spend more time at home with new lifestyles such as working from home in the wake of the Corona disaster, demand for snacks is also increasing. In particular, butter flavors that offer a rich, luxurious taste with ease have recently gained popularity, and a variety of butter-flavored products are now on the market.

Trendy buttery and luxurious flavors

Morinaga Milk Caramel" is a caramel for adults with a luxurious taste and trendy butter flavor, while maintaining the quality of Morinaga Milk Caramel, a long-selling product of Morinaga Seika. Using fermented butter, which goes well with caramel, it has a deep taste with a rich and aromatic flavor. The package is designed to tickle the fancy of adult women.

Morinaga Milk Industry's "Adult Caramel for Adults in Love with Butter" is perfect for the coming chilly season. Why don't you try it and enjoy the "rich and thick one-bite" taste?