Madeleine Lapin "Madeleine Lapin"

"Marron Tsukushi", where you can enjoy the charm of chestnuts, will be on sale from November 4th at the official online shop of Madeleine Lapin, a specialty store for Madeleine.

Following Halloween Madeleine, which ended with great popularity, Madeleine with cute decorations has appeared this time as well. There are 4 types of marrons, "Marron", "Chocolate Marron", "Cassis Marron" and "Cafe Marron".

"Marron" is one of the most popular flavors every year, which is indispensable for the autumn / winter lineup. Marron glacé is topped on a dough that is kneaded with plenty of chestnut paste. You can enjoy the rich flavor.

"Chocolate" is madeleine "Marron" decorated with chocolate one by one by a pastry chef. Warm motifs such as cosmos and cotton are prepared. I'm looking forward to seeing which pattern will arrive after opening.

"Cassis marron" is madeleine with cassis (black currant) that goes well with chestnuts. The secret ingredient is cassis liqueur prepared in the dough. The deep and elegant sweetness is attractive. The sourness of the studded dry cassis tightens the taste.

"Cafe Maron" is a flavor recommended by Madeleine Lapin's exclusive pastry chef. By bringing out the aroma of coffee to the front, the savory taste of chestnuts stands out.

Madeleine Lapin "Madeleine Lapin"

A "simple set" recommended for distribution at home or at parties, and a "gift set" perfect for gifts to loved ones are available. Enjoy the combination of the contents of the "simple set" (all types are always included). The prices excluding tax are as follows.

・ Simple set
4 pieces 1,157 yen
8 pieces 2,130 yen
15 pieces 3,611 yen

・ Gift set
3 pieces 1,065 yen (chocolate 1, cassis malon 1, cafe malon 1)
6 pieces 1,833 yen (1 marron, 2 chocolates, 2 cassis marrons, 1 cafe marron)
9 pieces 2,593 yen (Marron 2, chocolate marron 3, cassis marron 2, cafe marron 2)

The sale period is from November 4th to November 8th. It will be sold as a complete order and will end as soon as the limited number is reached. The delivery period is from November 12th to November 23rd.