Sutadon "Exciting Sutamina fried beef grilled meat bowl"

From November 2nd, at each of the bowl chains "Legendary Sutadonya" and "Specialty Sutadonten", "Exciting fried chicken fried beef yakiniku bowl" and "Doka-eating" fried chicken Three products will be on sale: "Yakiniku Donburi" and "Doka Eating" Sutamina Beef Yakiniku Don. Some stores are not available for a limited time.

The gorgeous fried chicken beef bowl is a large bowl of rice topped with about 3 bowls of rice, topped with "grilled meat" and juicy "fried chicken" soaked in secret garlic soy sauce. A dynamic dish with a total meat weight of about 200g (7.05oz).

Sutadon "Exciting Sutamina fried beef grilled meat bowl"

The tender and umami beef rib "Yakiniku" is entwined with a special yakiniku sauce and is savoryly baked with onions. A rich and rice-rich taste. "Sutamina fried chicken" is based on "secret garlic soy sauce sauce" and is firmly soaked in a special sauce combined with ginger and sake, and is finished with a garlic punch. The price is 880 yen (tax included, same below).

In addition, the following menu is also available for those who want more volume.

・ "Doka-eating" Stamina fried beef grilled meat bowl 1,280 yen ・ "Doka-eating" Stamina beef grilled meat bowl 1,180 yen