Legendary sudadon restaurant "Shin-Kokkaido sudadon
Shin-Kokkaido Sutadon (All images are from the official website of Densetsu no Sutadon-ya)

Densetsu no Sutadon-Ya Shin-Kokkaido Sutadon, KARAAGE Gozari Shin-Kokkaido Sutadon,

and Shin-Dekkido Sutadon will be available for a limited time from Densetsu no Sutadon-Ya and Meimono Sutadon restaurants. The new items will be available from January 20, 2023.

Densetsu no Sutadon-ya "Karaage Gozeizakari Shin Hokkaido Sutadon" and "Shin Dekkido Sutadon".
Shin-Kokkaido Sutadon" "Shin-Dekkido Sutadon" "Shin-Dekkido Sutadon" "Shin-Dekkido Sutadon" "Shin-Dekkido Sutadon"



"Shin-Kokkaido Sutadon" is the latest version of "Hokkaido Sutadon," which has been available as a limited-time menu item in the past. It is made with 170 grams of pork shoulder loin and pork belly selected by the legendary Sutadon restaurant. It is flavored with rich butter soy sauce and a combination of "suta-dare" and "Obihiro Pork Bowl Sauce".

The price is 980 yen (tax included).


Sutadon with mixed fried chicken "Shin-Kokkaido Sutadon with mixed fried chicken" consists of "Shin-Kokkaido Sutadon" and 3 pieces of "Sutaminato fried chicken".

The price is 1,280 yen.


Dekkido Sutadon "Shin Dekkido Sutadon" is a "Shin Hokkaido Sutadon" with twice the amount of meat.

The price is 1,580 yen.

Prices may differ at some stores, as well as for To go and delivery services. Some stores will not carry the menu. The menu is available at the Dangozaka SA store, Shimizu PA store, Konosu store, Nakano-Shinbashi store, Diver City Tokyo Plaza store, AEON MALL Okinawa Raikam store, Amagasaki store, Umeda Toyosaki store, Toyonaka store, Matsudo Minorindai store, Nishi-Kasai store, Asakusa store, Soka store, Fujisawa store, Shinjuku 3-chome store, Kamishinjo store, Juso Station West Exit store, Ibaraki store, and Juso Station West Exit store. Ibaraki store, Hachinosato store, Osaka Asahi-ku store, Nishiarai store, Sengendai store, Urawa Misono store, Kamagaya store, Chigasaki store, Kamoi store, Ageo store, Ichihara store, Hiratsuka store, Tsukaguchi store, Higashinada store, Hoya store, Nagareyama store, Tarumi store, Himeji store, Nara store, Joyo store, Takatsuki store, Yachiyo store, Fujigaoka store The following stores are excluded: Kasugai store, Nagatsuta store, Jiyugaoka store, Musashino store, Atsugi Ebina store, and Yokohama Izumi store.