Nakau Curry Tantan Udon

"Curry Tantan Udon" will be on sale on November 5th at each "Nakau" restaurant of Donburi and Kyoto-style udon.

Nakau's "Tandan Udon" is made by mixing Nakau's proud Japanese-style soup stock with a special sesame paste, and is finished with just the right amount of spiciness, richness of sesame, and flavor. This is the 15th year since the sale started. So far, "Mala Mahler Tantan Udon" and "Chilled Tantan Udon" have been released, and "Tantan Udon" has been further updated.

The "Curry Tantan Udon" that will be released this time has a special curry-flavored minced meat with coconut milk added to the secret flavor. You can enjoy the curry scent and spiciness that spreads in your mouth every time you eat. If you bring the spicy special minced meat to your mouth with soup and udon, you can enjoy the spiciness of curry in addition to the richness of sesame in the spiciness.

Product list

Curry Tantan Udon (Medium) 490 yen Curry Tantan Udon (Small) 350 yen

* All prices include tax * You can take it home * Scheduled to end sales in late December * Scheduled to be sold at 463 stores excluding some stores