Nakau "Japanese Curry" and "Japanese Curry Udon".

Nakau Japanese-style curry

and Japanese-style curry udon Nakau will sell Japanese-style curry and Japanese-style curry udon. The new products will go on sale at 11:00 a.m. on March 16.



"Japanese Curry" is a new type of curry from Nakau that combines curry with several spices and a flavorful bonito dashi (bonito stock). The spicy curry blends with the mild flavor of bonito to create a gentle taste.

The curry can be enjoyed with standard toppings such as "Japanese-style pork cutlet curry" topped with a tender loin cutlet or "Japanese-style egg curry" topped with one of Nakau's signature "kosokoro tamago" eggs.

The Japanese Curry


, which combines Nakau's signature udon dashi with Japanese curry, is available at the same time, and offers a deep, rich flavor of dashi.

Both items can be taken home. Paper aprons are provided for the "Japanese Curry Udon".

Prices are as follows (all prices include tax).

Japanese Curry - regular size: 490 yen, large size: 560 yen
Japanese Curry Udon - regular size: 490 yen, large size: 590 yen
Japanese Curry Katsu - regular size: 690 yen, large size: 760 yen
Japanese Curry with Fried Egg - regular size: 570 yen, large size: 640 yen